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what would stacy and clinton say?

Some days I can’t get dressed more creatively than jeans and a band tshirt.

And then there are days when I decide that the best thing to pair with pattern is more pattern!  And stripes!

It’s all various vintages of Anthropologie.  Except the Crocs.  Those are from Crocs.

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sometimes i wear clothes

I like to read blogs about how-to-have-a-good-blog.  I read these bits of advice and fantasize about implementing them.  And then I do none of them.

Like having a theme.  Or a meta-narrative, which I think is a theme with sequins on it.

And that is my introduction to how I want to randomly post today about  what-i-wore.  Just like Erin from calivintage.  I admire her times 7, at least.  Her clothes are interesting and beautiful.  She wears shoes with heels on them, and from appearances, she seems to actually walk around in them, as well.  She writes for Modcloth!

So there’s me.  Wearing clothes.  And yeah, the bushes are in focus instead of me, but they’re really good bushes aren’t they?

Dress from Modcloth.
Pink tights from American Apparel.
Scarf very, very old and from Gap.
Shoes from some dance supply site.  I got them in a time when I was taking a lot of swing dance lessons.  The shoes are not supposed to be worn outside, because then you scuff their slip slidey soles.

Also, I have worn this outfit before, so you can have a second, more in focus picture.

 Slightly different in that there’s a cardigan from Boden.
The shoes are Worishofers.
Also, my head is missing and I’m standing on a bench, but that’s because it was for a Bench Monday shot.
And this one was taken by Ali, who is pretty admirable, as well, but with extra awesome weird-sauce drizzled all over her creative, amazing, unshowered pants.


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what i wore in 1986

I was a big nerd.  From the dawn of 1977 (dawn meaning September) until about 2 seconds ago.  I actually JUST got cool.  It’s awesome.

My nerdiness had many origins.

Like bad haircuts.

And my belief that I could get the big swooping wave out of your bangs if you just had bangs.  I didn’t know about curling irons or hairspray.

Strong desire to fit in, but secret worship of weirdness.

Not good at sports.  Played the cello instead.

General chubbiness…

Combined with not having the right clothes.

Mostly my mom bought my clothes.  And in her hippy, earth goddess sort of way, she didn’t give a rat’s ass about fashion.  Thus, I could rarely convince her to buy me the right clothes and instead, I had not-quite-right jeans and t-shirts that weren’t “oversized,” but too big.

So when 80’s fashion starts coming back, I can appreciate it.  Not because of my own closets of yore, but because of the girls of E. B. Aycock Junior High, who I stared at with a pitiful little cast of jealousy and admiration.

Lately, though, it seems like what’s coming back in style isn’t the cool stuff from back in the day, but the nerd bomber things I used to wear.

For example, if the cool stuff from the 80’s were coming back, we’d be seeing this:

Which is an acid washed mini jean skirt, a thing I desired greatly.  Instead, I had a skirt like this one below.  Chambray.

Guess which one you can now find for $98 at Madewell?  


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bicycle dress

This dress is one of those things that didn’t quite fit when I bought it.  Gapping at the bosom, as is the bane of my existence.

But then I lot a bit of poundage and the buttons, they did close!

And Yet.

It was clearly too big in other, unflattering ways.  Like, I can pull the fabric out to the sides about 3 inches away from my body on either side under my armpits.

But even though it fits like a fool in her mammy’s clothes, I make do with a belt and the inherent delight in a dress with a bicycle print.

Behold! Ginormous bosom! And Bicycles!



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I have a thing for Anthropologie.  Like, possibly a pathological thing.  Nothing makes me close my eyes and pass over the credit card like this store does.  I keep a wishlist running at all times, updated regularly.  And I check to see what’s gone on sale every Tuesday (which is when they list new sale stuff).

So, of course I perked right up when I got wind of a new Anthro spin-off with a wedding slant.  BHLDN launched on Monday, because nothing says Valentine’s Day like $WEDDING!$

No surprises here – it’s beeeyootiful.  I love that there are several wedding gowns in colors that are not white.  Lots of textures and patterns.  Definitely not your ubiquitous strapless sateen here.

The little sparkly buttons up the back and especially on the sleeve here are just so girlishly wonderful that I have to say “devine.”
Except I bet my arm would never fit in a sleeve like that.
And also, doesn’t that elbow skin look weird?  I know some people have weird elbow things, but not me.  Just right now.  With *that* elbow.  Anyway.

Cerulean details!  Gorgeous Victorian pendant with two different cords.  All the mis-matchy faux vintage goodness!  <swoon>

Ever since I started going to weddings in England, I feel vaguely obsessed with hats and fascinators.  No idea how you manage to pull it off.  I suspect that you just stick it on there and then take more of your daily recommended dose of “fuck it.  i’m a bad ass.”
Once I started poking around at the idea of a wedding hat, I learned that they’re really quite expensive.  And around these parts, what you can find is really more of the church-going-black-lady type of hat, rather than the horsey-English-wedding sort.
So BHLDN has got a bunch of hair accessories, all of which you’d definitely have to be a bit ballsy to rock.  And oh, how I long to rock ballsily.  And now, I also long to laugh with my other bride friends while we hold our pagoda parasols, too.

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Getting dressed

Many days, I have a plan for what I’m going to wear. I will have a vision to combine a green argyle cardigan with a maroon tweed skirt. This particular vision startled my HR lady into saying “so many patterns and colors!”
Or I’ll pair my black and white striped sweater with a colorful silk scarf tied around my neck in a big bow, cropped jeans and black boots. I got many comments about the Frenchness that day and I wondered if I were wearing a costume more than an outfit.
Admittedly, a lot of days, I’m just wearing the same jeans over and over with various t-shirts and layering bits.  I don’t always have these inspired visions.  Mostly I’m just trying to not be naked.

Today I wasn’t inspired and I would have loved nothing more than to just put on my same old jeans, a concert t-shirt and a cardigan.  But I was having a dirty hair problem.  Too dirty for public display.  And my interest in showering was – 38.  I’m classy like that.

I concocted a plan.  A head scarf!  I covered up all the grimy hair with a fancy scarf.  In fact, the very same scarf that I had around my neck with the Frenchness.  In order to make this seem like a normal thing to wear, I also put on a blousy white shirt with puffy sleeves.  And since the shirt is rather voluminous, I put a big belt on top of it.

It started to turn into a gypsy costume.

So I added a big chunky silver bangle, some silver dangly earrings and some boots.

Here you have some evidence, thanks to a handy iphone self portrait.

Take note of:

Head scarf

Blousy white shirt







Someone at my office has already called me a pirate, so, that’s a win for me, right?


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