I have a thing for Anthropologie.  Like, possibly a pathological thing.  Nothing makes me close my eyes and pass over the credit card like this store does.  I keep a wishlist running at all times, updated regularly.  And I check to see what’s gone on sale every Tuesday (which is when they list new sale stuff).

So, of course I perked right up when I got wind of a new Anthro spin-off with a wedding slant.  BHLDN launched on Monday, because nothing says Valentine’s Day like $WEDDING!$

No surprises here – it’s beeeyootiful.  I love that there are several wedding gowns in colors that are not white.  Lots of textures and patterns.  Definitely not your ubiquitous strapless sateen here.

The little sparkly buttons up the back and especially on the sleeve here are just so girlishly wonderful that I have to say “devine.”
Except I bet my arm would never fit in a sleeve like that.
And also, doesn’t that elbow skin look weird?  I know some people have weird elbow things, but not me.  Just right now.  With *that* elbow.  Anyway.

Cerulean details!  Gorgeous Victorian pendant with two different cords.  All the mis-matchy faux vintage goodness!  <swoon>

Ever since I started going to weddings in England, I feel vaguely obsessed with hats and fascinators.  No idea how you manage to pull it off.  I suspect that you just stick it on there and then take more of your daily recommended dose of “fuck it.  i’m a bad ass.”
Once I started poking around at the idea of a wedding hat, I learned that they’re really quite expensive.  And around these parts, what you can find is really more of the church-going-black-lady type of hat, rather than the horsey-English-wedding sort.
So BHLDN has got a bunch of hair accessories, all of which you’d definitely have to be a bit ballsy to rock.  And oh, how I long to rock ballsily.  And now, I also long to laugh with my other bride friends while we hold our pagoda parasols, too.

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