Jose Gonzalez @ The Fillmore

I went to see Jose Gonzalez at the Fillmore on Thursday with my manfriend.  It was  such a great show.  Jose didn’t talk much, so we didn’t get a strong sense of him, but the music was fantastic.  He played mostly by himself, but it sounded like he was playing two guitars and a drum at the same time.  His voice, too, seemed to have so much richness and depth that it sounded like he was singing two parts at once.  It was beautiful and clear and mellow.

I was also really wowed by the lights.  There was a lot of vibrant color, sometimes shining down on to the stage, sometimes emanating out above the audience.  One song had lights projecting strong silhouettes of Jose on the curtains behind the stage, giving me the impression that he was in a cave around a campfire telling tales.  Another song had this gorgeous green and blue light shining out from the stage, like the glow in an aquarium.  People were taking pictures like crazy, but I couldn’t find a single one on Flickr.  But it was very impressive and really enhanced the simplicity and beauty of the music.

We stayed in a hotel near the office, rather than contending with a late night sojourn to the East Bay, which was pretty awesome.  The two block walk into the work the next day was pretty cool, too.

Very, very good night.

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