This little piggy went to Market aka The Alley

I love The Alley, my weird little neighborhood dive bar. It’s dark and decorated to look like an alley in between buildings. The furnishings are ramshackle (RAMSHACKLE! Why don’t I use this word more often?) testaments to instability. The walls are papered with business cards. So there are no walls. Just business cards.
And then there’s the piano, sing-along aspect of The Alley. Rod Dibble plays the piano and people sit around it and sing. But Rod only does songs from the 30’s to 50’s type era. He can not do Billy Joel’s Piano Man, for example. Instead, it’s a parade of vintage: Fever, I’ve Got the World on a String, Someone to Watch Over Me, The Girl from Ipanema…
Most people go there to belt their shit out. Although there is some supreme badness going on, most singers are giving it there 110% and they mostly sing solo. Old dusty men, middle aged ladies who still think acid wash jeans are ok, girls dolled up with fake eyelashes.
Not only is The Alley weird and fascinating, it’s about .15 miles away from my front door, so I am generally pro-The Alley. So when I had plans to hang out with an old friend from high school last night, this is where I decided to go. I should also mention that this friend is a singing fanatic. He was one of the “show choir people” in my highschool. They went to parties, and instead of talking to other people, they stood around in a circle and they sang. This means that not only was I dork because the cool kids would have naught to do with me, it also means that even the dorks who *would* hang out with me were too busy singing to ever talk to me. Sigh. High school is so weird.
The whole point of this post was that I needed to confess what I ate last night. And I am doing a very bad job.
I love The Alley Special dinner. It is so grandma kitch. But I did consume with relish (not pickles, but with gusto rather) some absurd number of calories for which I now feel remorseful.
The Alley Special dinner:
An iceberg lettuce “salad” – iceberg lettuce, one half cherry tomato on top, with oceans of blue cheese salad dressing. Comes in an old school wooden salad bowl
Medium-rare steak. Not the size of a deck of cards. Possibly the size of my head.
Baked potato. With a pat of butter and a generous blob of sour cream.
Vegetable medly: broccoli, carrots, zucchini. Prepared god only knows how.
Garlic bread. Overly crunchy. Made garlic flavored with some rank garlic.

Ok, that’s it.
I did go to spinning class this morning, but I’m not sure I counteracted even just the evil, evil so wonderful sour cream.

Goodbye now.

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