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“your wedding day is not a photographic event”

I get to look at a lot of wedding pictures.  A LOT.

At first I was fascinated by them and wanted to critique every dress, choice of flowers, bridesmaid dress color and bridal/groomal attractiveness.  I would take the time to look through every book and no matter how simple the affair, I would get a bit caught up in the moment of it.

Time passed.

And then I got bored.  The weddings just turned into a never ending stream of sameness.

Occasionally, I will still come across pictures that stand out.  For my own amusement, I do rather like it when they stand out like these ones:

picture-5 picture-6 picture-7

But I can still be impressed by goodness, too. Every now and again, I come across a photographer whose wedding pictures move me.  Sometimes, they make me cry a little.  I should be fairly immune to this by now, but I am happy to see that there are some real photographers out there, even though everyone and their mom is taking pictures.

My current favorite is this British guy, Graham Morgan.  I was particularly impressed by his candid pictures of the guests.  He somehow got beautiful, unobtrusive portraits of many (all?) individuals at the wedding as they watched the ceremony.

I also just love the british-y ness of the weddings he does, which speaks less about him perhaps and more about his geography.  Or it could be about the kind of clientele he picks up.   But I love the ladies in hats and old stone churches and gray lighting of overcast skies.

So when time comes that I happen across someone needing a wedding photographer in Bath or Bristol, I will be very emphatically recommending this one.

portfolio screenshot from www.grahammorgan.com

portfolio screenshot from http://www.grahammorgan.com

portfolio screenshot from www.grahammorgan.com

portfolio screenshot from http://www.grahammorgan.com

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