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I don’t really read non-fiction; I’m a novel junkie.  So I knew about Eat Pray Love when that came out, but I never really felt tempted to read it.  It also had this vague self-help aura about it, moving it even further down my lists of to-read.

But then our CEO heard Elizabeth Gilbert‘s TED talk and fell in love with her.  We watched the TED talk at a company meeting, and I felt rather compelled by Elizabeth Gilbert myself and decided to give Eat Pray Love a read.   I bought a used copy, in a token gesture of defiance for the non-fiction book buying.

And, just like everyone else, I loved it.

It made me want to go to Italy and eat a lot of pizza.  With double mozzarella.

And then I wanted to go to India and study meditation, even though it did sound a bit awful.

And then and then!  I wanted to go to Indonesia and visit beaches and party with expats!

It made me want to be her, I suppose.  She was so smart and witty and interesting.  And excitable and boisterous and optimistic.  But other than appreciating the neatness that just is this woman, I very much liked the tidiness of the book.  The way it was organized.  I like how it referenced back to itself in clever ways and how the themes were subtly woven throughout the story.  I liked her descriptions of people and all the wise and sage things they had to say.  I appreciated just how deeply sad and hurt she was and how well she described it.  And then I appreciated the way she pulled on her boot straps and just told herself to get better, and she did it.


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