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I used my PTO

I went on vacation!  I left on a Friday and didn’t come back until the next next Sunday.  I took 6 whole days off from work!  6!
This means that I no longer have 100 hours of unused PTO, but more like 50.  And I will be whiling those remaining ones away in less than a month.

Oh, what a leisurely life to lead!

I guess I hadn’t appreciated how much better and easy and simply more likely to happen travel was when you have A Person.  Which is a very nice thing about having A Person, but is probably only like #14 on the list of nice things about it.

We went to New York, where David had never been and then… I think a list is in order.
Ate bagels.
Walked around Williamsburg, Brooklyn and crossed the Williamsburg Bridge.
Had caprese salad and white wine in Little Italy.
Visited Stephen at La Botega where he keeps bar.
Drank sake in the Village.
Had excellent sushi at Bosu, back in Williamsburg.
Crossed the Brooklyn Bridge with Aunt Nora and Gordon.
Wandered the Village and had Mexican with large mojitos.
Discussed the psychoticness of family at length.
Saw Othello and glimpsed Times Square.  Actors spit and sweated copiously.
Took the bus to Clinton. David met the mother.  Did downtown Clinton.
Drove around Hunterdon County countryside and small towns.
Met the brother.
Started drinking with the brother and the father and the Maggie and the David.
Dinner in Clinton.
Met up with Peter in Newark.
Ginormous dinner at a classy Jersey dinner
Yankee game in the rain. Tied after 9 innings. We left.
Met up with Riggsy and Jay and had Thai in Union Square.
Saw Fuerza Bruta, which was awesome.
Beers in Williamsburg.
Took the Staten Island Ferry to Staten Island.
Drove with mom to Long Island.
Hung out with Nana.
Visited Aunt Mary, who got a cake that said “Welcome to New York David!”
Dinner and drinks in Hells Kitchen with Rebecca, Sarah and Jay.  Kind of a mess, but whatever.
Went to Nina’s apartment on the upper West side, walked through the park and wandered the Met.
Strolled down 5th Avenue.
Dinner at very nifty restaurant, La Esquina.
Drinks at Russian vodka bar, Pravda.
Listened to a band in the village.
Shared a slice between the 3 of us.
Finished it and got a second one from a different place.
Crossed back over to Brooklyn, one more slice.
Back in Williamsburg with Bek and Jay.
English fish and chips with mushy peas for lunch.
Checked out Grand Central Station and the whispering hall.
A cupcake from Magnolia.
Viewed vistas from the Top of the Rock.
Snacks and wine at Bread.
Back to Brooklyn.  Dinner at Snacky.

And away…


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