What kind of horse gives out gifts anyway

I angst about my birthday for so many different reasons.  Of course, I dread the whole aging aspect.  But the really silly thing that I worry about is presents.  I just got home and there’s a box from Amazon for me at the door.  I didn’t order anything recently.  And it’s my birthday in 4 days.  I deduce, therefore, that this is a present.

Yay, right?

Except I have issues.  And I don’t know what’s in that box.  What if I don’t like it?  What if I am nonplussed?  I am a jerk and often I am nonplussed by presents.  Worse, sometimes I find emoting to be tricky and even if I really like the present, I have a hard time saying so.

In a perfect Maggie world, I could tuck presents into my cheeks like an overside hamster and then scurry off to a sly, secret place, open them in solitary, and then never speak of them again.

Perhaps someone needs to give me a running wheel…

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