It’s genetic

I’ve got this nephew.  Two of them, really.  But one is a little older and therefore a bit more interesting.

This kid seems to spend most of his waking hours in a state of either suspicion, surliness, or outright grumpiness.
Just about every picture I take of him, he’s basically sending me “fuck you, auntie” telegraphic messages.

And then I realized, that there are bunches of pictures of me looking like that, too.  So I guess I can’t really begrudge the stinker.

And then there’s my brother, who’s trying to fill that oh-so-in-demand niche in the modeling world for Angry Man.
So the scowl runs deep.  I think that’s part of what makes us all so awesome, though.  Because scowling shows everyone else that that you’re angry and probably unpleasant to talk to, so they bug you less.

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