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Up close and personal

David got me a lens for my camera that I had been drooling over for ages for Christmas.  It’s a 100 mm macro lens, which means that I’d be able to focus in on things much closer than I had been on my 50 mm lens.

But, its aperture doesn’t go as low (or as high?) so I don’t get as much light and haven’t had much success farting around with the new toy indoors, where it’s too dark.

So I’ve been a royal poop head and haven’t used it all much so far.  Which is great, because I’m an awesome person to give presents to.

Which is all preface to say that a month and a half later, I spent some time and tried out the new lens yesterday!

It was a really great day for some picture taking.  For just about anything, really.  It’s been crazy warm here in the Bay Area.  Like 75 degrees.  In February.  And yes, it’s California and all, but the weather is not usually that blissful here.  We still get crappo gloom and drizzle in the winter.  We just don’t get this:

My parents' house in New Jersey last week

But miraculously, unusually, wonderfully… instead, we’re having this:

So we had a gorgeous afternoon walking about two miles away to the next neighborhood over where we wandered around and stopped for libation.  And I got in a little quality time with my new lens.

I learned that I can take this picture of the handsome guy sitting across from me:
And this picture of the dude in the tuxedo t-shirt sitting about twenty feet away:
I think it’s a pretty good lens to have and I’m looking forward to getting my bearings with it.  And yesterday was a really good day for some bearings.  And for sauntering around with a nice fellow on a really nice sunny day.

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