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Getting dressed

Many days, I have a plan for what I’m going to wear. I will have a vision to combine a green argyle cardigan with a maroon tweed skirt. This particular vision startled my HR lady into saying “so many patterns and colors!”
Or I’ll pair my black and white striped sweater with a colorful silk scarf tied around my neck in a big bow, cropped jeans and black boots. I got many comments about the Frenchness that day and I wondered if I were wearing a costume more than an outfit.
Admittedly, a lot of days, I’m just wearing the same jeans over and over with various t-shirts and layering bits.  I don’t always have these inspired visions.  Mostly I’m just trying to not be naked.

Today I wasn’t inspired and I would have loved nothing more than to just put on my same old jeans, a concert t-shirt and a cardigan.  But I was having a dirty hair problem.  Too dirty for public display.  And my interest in showering was – 38.  I’m classy like that.

I concocted a plan.  A head scarf!  I covered up all the grimy hair with a fancy scarf.  In fact, the very same scarf that I had around my neck with the Frenchness.  In order to make this seem like a normal thing to wear, I also put on a blousy white shirt with puffy sleeves.  And since the shirt is rather voluminous, I put a big belt on top of it.

It started to turn into a gypsy costume.

So I added a big chunky silver bangle, some silver dangly earrings and some boots.

Here you have some evidence, thanks to a handy iphone self portrait.

Take note of:

Head scarf

Blousy white shirt







Someone at my office has already called me a pirate, so, that’s a win for me, right?


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