sometimes i wear clothes

I like to read blogs about how-to-have-a-good-blog.  I read these bits of advice and fantasize about implementing them.  And then I do none of them.

Like having a theme.  Or a meta-narrative, which I think is a theme with sequins on it.

And that is my introduction to how I want to randomly post today about  what-i-wore.  Just like Erin from calivintage.  I admire her times 7, at least.  Her clothes are interesting and beautiful.  She wears shoes with heels on them, and from appearances, she seems to actually walk around in them, as well.  She writes for Modcloth!

So there’s me.  Wearing clothes.  And yeah, the bushes are in focus instead of me, but they’re really good bushes aren’t they?

Dress from Modcloth.
Pink tights from American Apparel.
Scarf very, very old and from Gap.
Shoes from some dance supply site.  I got them in a time when I was taking a lot of swing dance lessons.  The shoes are not supposed to be worn outside, because then you scuff their slip slidey soles.

Also, I have worn this outfit before, so you can have a second, more in focus picture.

 Slightly different in that there’s a cardigan from Boden.
The shoes are Worishofers.
Also, my head is missing and I’m standing on a bench, but that’s because it was for a Bench Monday shot.
And this one was taken by Ali, who is pretty admirable, as well, but with extra awesome weird-sauce drizzled all over her creative, amazing, unshowered pants.


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2 responses to “sometimes i wear clothes

  1. You look adorable…and hot! The tights remind me of some almost exactly that color that I wore with a little black dress to one of the Barrister’s Balls when I was in law school (like law school prom). My date was fawning all over me all night and a different guy who wished he was my date told me that I looked like Tina Turner (in a good way…this was the early 90’s). Pink tights rock.

  2. ali

    it might be chilly but please wear your magenta tights this weekend! Those are my absolute favorite.

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