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time in the woods

We went camping!  It did not involve a tent, though, but a “tent cabin” so it was really Camping Lite.

tent cabin #15

We had a whole double bed (largely made of foam and plastic canvas covering).  We brought sheets and blankets and pillows, so it was cozy and sans sleeping bags.  And there was a little wood stove inside the cabin!  We had fire in the night time while we were sleeping!

And there was a fire pit with a grill, so there was some cooking food on open flame.  Which is obviously the #1 factor in labeling something “camping.”

best sausages ever

We also had s’mores and baked potatoes with cheddar cheese.  And during the day time whilst traipsing about in the woods, we ate turkey jerky and apples and nuts and berries.  It was very squirrel-like.  Except for the jerky.  I don’t like to think about squirrels eating turkeys.

And there were trees.  Very big redwoods, as redwoods are wont to be.

big old trees

So even though it was actually a really gorgeous weekend, we didn’t see much sky and there was ample shade.  And since I go scurrying for the nearest cover whenever exposed to direct sunlight, it was a very good spot for me.


We did some hiking both days that we were there, but failed to achieve our über plans.  We had sights set on a 12 mile hike on Saturday, but we got a bit of a late start to our day and then we made some errors in navigation,  like choosing to ignore a trail closure for mud slides.  So our results for the day were less epic, but still largely spent in the trees enjoying the outside time.  And Sunday’s hike mysteriously took us about an hour and a half instead of the posted 3 hours.

the david in the woods

Even still, I got sweaty and I panted going up hills and I also pointed out a lot of stuff.  I am a very good noticer.

noticing the david taking my picture

I immediately wanted to go back again, before we’d even left.  So I’d say that this scientific experiment was a success.  If properly outfitted with bratwurst and she doesn’t have to sleep on the ground, Maggie will like camping.



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