Daily Archives: October 27, 2011

when you’re in new york

aren’t you supposed to feel brand new?

inspiring you and stuff?

cause you know…

And as much as a part of me wants to go spin around in a circle in Times Square, instead I crawled back to my hotel room, fell into the very nice white sheets, and put on Grey’s Anatomy.  Then I  took out my travel funnel and proceeded to pour the entire contents of my snack bar into my gullet.  You think I kid.  But seriously.  The only thing that’s left over there is some pretzels.

i’m here working in a trade show booth, telling people about my company’s wares and what’s new in the print-on-demand photo book world.  it’s great and fun and different, but it’s SO different from sitting on my rumpshaker and not-talking except for the telepathic communications i have with my computer, that i am rendered flopsome.

tomorrow then.  it’s new york.  there’s nothing i can’t do.    may the gods of rally find me after a 2nd day of trade show flooring…


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