Daily Archives: October 26, 2011

little facts


1. There is a 50 pound rope in my dining room right now.  Sometimes I wonder how men and women are really supposed to coexist.

2.  I would rather have potato chips over chocolate any day.

3.  My feet have dreadful callouses.  I generally wear pretty sensible shoes, so I have no idea why they’re like this.  I got a pat down at the airport once and the TSA lady touched the bottom of my feet through my socks and then asked all accusatorially “What you got in there?”  Because I was embarrassed, I said “Oh, those are just my cloven hooves!”  She gets this kinda scary, aggressive tone, “Excuse me?”
“Right.  Sorry.  I have really gross callouses.”

Thanks again, to Rebecca!  She is a face-washing hater; a girl after my own heart.


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