which coat?

I’ve had a mission to acquire a coat for the longest time.

As good as I am at buying other stuff, buying a coat seems to be a sticky wicket for me.  So many choices are just ho-hum sufficient.  Uninspiring.  And pretty much all of the choices are expensive, so whatever I might pick is a commitment.  A commitment to something that I would wear every day for months at a time!

Resulting in a coatless Maggie who makes do with one of the umpteen velvet blazer-jackets crammed into the closet.  Which are very pretty and velvety!  But yes, pretty much don’t fit, if you feel like buttoning them up in the front is a priority.  And a jacket with two layers stuffed underneath does not a coat make.

So the other day, I tried on some of the coats on the sale rack in Anthropologie.  Two of them fit.  And I liked them.  But oooh the commitment!  I couldn’t decide.  I bought both of them with the idea that The David would have something helpful that would lead to a decision and I could take one back.  But it was not to be.  He found them to both be generally favorable.

Thus, help me!  Which one?

Option #1
Pros:  fun fluffy (detachable) fur collar
good color – close up of the fabric below.  the darker bit is kind of a burgundy color.
Cons:  short sleeves – you can see the sleeves of my cardigan underneath.  but i’m not sure that this bothers me…20111207-083649.jpg

Option 2:
Pros:  longer and heavier
interesting shawl collar
velvet lined pockets!
Cons:  on the boringer side.

I am slightly leaning towards #2 because I think it’s more practical, but I kinda like the weirdness of #1 better…


(sorry about the crappy phone photos.  my fashion photographer was unavailable and my creative problem solving elf was working from home today.)

Monday, December 12
Both coats, which had already been on sale ($200 down from $300) went on further sale to $100 each.  Plus Anthro was having a 30% off discount on sale items.
Suffice it to say, I have been saved from having to make this gut wrenching decision and have kept both coats.


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11 responses to “which coat?

  1. Grant

    Fashion over function, my dear! Go for option #1!

  2. Patrick House

    I agree Option #1 is hotter. Plus the collar is pimp. Good Luck and Stay Warm !

  3. ali

    #2! I’m a sucker for big collars, I like the length and I think your wrists will get cold with #1.

  4. I like the collar of coat number two, but overall I am a bigger fan of coat number one. Those colors are just fabulous!

  5. I like #1 better. Love the detachable fur collar. Sucks about the short sleeves, though. I live in Florida and rarely need a coat. However, I have about a dozen coats. I love them. I am lucky if I get to wear each one once a year. I think I have a coat problem. I have a very hard time deciding which ones to take up north with us when we go on vacation. Like I can only take two, maybe three. So sad.

  6. Grey

    #1 – cuter, form-fittier, and hotter

  7. #1! looks great on you! get some long gloves to keep your wrists warm if you even need that in CA…

  8. Grant

    Seriously, this is killing me. What did you decide on?

  9. Grant

    YAY! TWO coats! Even better!

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