a workout partner partner

So, ya’ll know The David is fit.  Like really fit.

And lately, he’s gotten into personal training.  Not that he’s out to get certified or anything, but he’s read a bunch of really boring books and manuals.  He started doing assessments of his friends’ fitness levels and creating plans for them to follow.

Once upon a time, he’d said that he thought it was a bad idea for couples to ever train one another.  Too much potential for resentment and frustration.  But now that he’s really excited about his new personal training mission, he’s slacked on his standards about what couples should do and wants to try it out on me.

An out of town lady friend is here visiting and she wanted to do a workout with me, so The David took the opportunity to this morning to lay a workout on us.

It sucked.

I told The David, in a way that I would never have told a trainer at the gym, “No, I can not do a kettle bell swing with this 30 pound bag of sand. It’s too heavy.”
I scoffed at him when he asked if we ready for the next set.
Virginia and I shared a look of terror when we watched David start his set of 40 weighted lunges dropping each knee down so far that it touched ground.

I wasn’t wretched or anything.  I largely did what he asked and I didn’t bitch or talk back.  I did my best.  But he planned a very hard workout and I wasn’t terribly happy about it.  It was not like those couples in Shape magazine who are all grinny and sparkly at each other as they pass the medicine ball back and forth.

I guess it’s always easier to workout with someone who’s a bit closer to you in ability.  Ideally, maybe someone just a little bit better enough to push you.  And even though The David isn’t a person like that for me, I do think that it’s also good to workout with someone who supports you and wants you to do well.

So maybe he’ll catch on to what’s too hard for me and what’s just challenging enough.  And maybe I can just tell him ahead of time what I can and can’t do.  But I think we can do it again.  And I actually think it’s good for us.


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2 responses to “a workout partner partner

  1. My hubs is the kind of guy who eats like a linebacker, but has never weighed over 160 pounds in his life, and he’s tall. We do not work out together because I can’t work out with really skinny people, even if they are my dearly beloved, but I wish I could. He’s pretty fun. I hope it works out for you guys, though 🙂

  2. I think I would kill my David if he tried to train me. I’m mean like that.

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