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and now we also have Luna

Kitten #2.

She’s some kind of Siamese-y mix, with blue eyes, a bit of an elongated moose-face, and a lotta meows. Her purr machine is dialed up to 11 if you even think of looking in her direction.

Sometimes she and Rocket are like this:

But most of the time it is a tussling rumpus over here.

Which means our plan was a rousing success! Instead of biting people toes and and hands and faces, now Rocket has a little friend to bite instead! It’s kind of like that movie in which some parents have a new baby specifically so that it can be a donor for older-sister-cancer-girl.


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I’m especially good at spectating.

The San Francisco Marathon was on Sunday and my friend, Megan, was running, her first time with the 26.2.
Since it’s such a monumental accomplishment, we got up at 6:30 am to drive into the city and cheer her on.

We wanted to be in Golden Gate Park because we knew that that was a really lonely and endless part of the course (I did the 2nd half and David did the full last year.)

After some tomfoolery trying to get to where we needed to be while avoiding road closures, we scurried into the park, saw the runners and then we stood there.  With signs!


People were loving David’s sign, “Run, total stranger, Run.” So may runners saw it and said “That’s me!” It was totally fun.

We knew Megan was going to be wearing a pink shirt and a white hat. We had a half an hour window in which she should be passing by us, around her Mile 15.

So we looked for Megan and we cheered for the total strangers. I teared up watching them go by.

After a bit, I noticed that most people had their names printed on their bibs. A bit too small to read easily, but you could pick them out if you looked. David got a total kick out of calling people out by name. I just wept and tried to pretend I wasn’t.

I started to wonder if all the people passing by seemed like they were probably slower runners than Megan, who’s roughly a 10 minute miler.

But who knows with all the different waves and the half marathon people mixed in with the full.

And then later, I noticed that all the people had green markers on their bibs saying “2nd Half,” for the second half marathon.
And they ALL said that.

What? Where are the marathoners? What’s going on?

So you see this little course map? The dark blue line is the marathon course and the lighter blue is the half. Most of the time, their course is the same.
But they take this extra little out and back extension here. The yellow arrows point to where we were standing. If we had been standing in the path, we would have actually seen the rest of the race course, just a bit further on.

So we didn’t see Megan around Mile 15 like we said we would. And I was preaching the gospel that “It’s hard doesn’t mean I can’t” to the half-marathoners before they had even hit the 2 mile mark.


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the cutest little shithead


Six weeks since we decided to let an animal come live in our apartment with us.


He decided to tell me about his obsession with nursing on the very first night. Although I will not let him suck on my ear lobe, lip, or in the crook of my neck (which would be his preferences), he will gladly suckle away on my hand. I sleep a lot less than I used to.


He’s a bit bigger. Looks more like a tiny cat than a kitten.


Sometimes our quality time involves cuddling. More often than not, though, it involves biting and shouting.


Please note the bottles that are tipped over in the background.


Also, please note that this plant is now outside of the apartment building, as I don’t think it can bear to be wrestled with by a clawed, fanged little monster any further.


The vet and the interwebs have suggested that a second kitten might help to divert some of the evil. More fun to bite someone of the same species. So that could be happening on Sunday. Or we could just be escalating the lunacy exponentially, and you shall never hear from me again, because cats will never not be walking on my head.


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I mentioned that I was working on my de-fatting process.  (Which I can’t think about without also thinking “Again!”)

But whatever.  Yes, I’m working on it again.  And so far, it’s creeping along.  When I’m sticking to an exercise routine and making an effort to even just halfway think about what I’m eating, it almost seems easy.

6 weeks in and 12.2 pounds lost.  Me being me and the half empty glass and what not, I tend to get a bit bogged down thinking about the 50 other pounds I should lose.  But at least 12 pounds does seem like a something.  More than a blip.

And the little graph actually makes me feel quite nice.  Look at all the down-going!


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a little life doing

5ks abounded last week.

I had a weird confluence of work blog and maggie blog that resulted in inviting Ben Davis from Ben Does Life to come have a chat with us about book publishing.

Always weird to see someone you know in a bloggy way in the real life way.

He was definitely really normal and friendly, and talked with us openly about his experience of writing a book.  Fodder from that conversation should show up in the Blurb blog next month.


And the whole reason he was in San Francisco was for his Do Life tour, so I took a couple of work lady friends down to run his 5K that evening.  (Me at the top right, then Jeannette and Megan next to me, and Marissa in front of Megan.)

I ran with one of my coworkers, who kicked my ass a bit, setting a pace that was just slightly beyond my comfort zone.  And I know that it wasn’t really a race, and the point was really just to get out there and “Do Life!”  But good golly.  Me and Jeannette?  We came in second!  Which is likely to be the first and only instance of that kind of glory for me, so let me just wallow in it a little.


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the color run!

For MONTHS, the interwebs have been abuzz with fanfare for The Color Run.

Races were selling out like crazy – I think Seattle was closed within 3 hours.

I caught a whiff of the excitement and spread it around.  A group of my coworkers and I had alarms set for the day and time that registration opened, and we signed up real good.

Blah blah.  Time passes.  Things that are not The Color Run occurred.

And then.  It happened!

You know that kid? The one on a bike in The Incredibles who is all agog and then says “That was totally wicked!”

Color Run was like that.

If you’re signed up for one in your town, here’s some stuff you might want to know:

There were about a million more people than I expected.  Mostly teen and twenty something girls.  Or I don’t know.  I can’t tell the difference between a teen and a twenty something any more.

It was not a run.  We did our best jogging effort, but most people were walking and it was hard to get through them.  If you’re worried about the running aspect, DON’T BE!

The color is dyed corn starch.  It does get cloudy and in your nose and mouth, but it’s not too unpleasant.  The powder will mix with sweat and form crusty chunks.  It doesn’t hurt when it gets in your eyes.

You can open the packet of color you get with registration at any time.  You don’t have to wait until the end.

The volunteers won’t douse you in color at a station unless you go up to them and present yourself for dousing.  You definitely can’t run through the stations and still get good and colored on.

Definitely a fun event for kids.  There were even people with babies/toddlers in strollers.

I had my iPhone in a ziploc, but ended up taking it out quite a bit to take pictures.  It got pretty covered in the colored dust, but that all wiped off and it seems fine.  Was also wearing my Garmin, which I wiped off and also was fine.

People are throwing color every which way at the end.  So if you made it through the race course unscathed, you can still get plenty of decoration just puttering around in the crowd afterwards.

I washed all of our clothes in a separate load.  The Color Run t-shirts seem to be ever so slightly stained still and everything else came out clean.  I haven’t washed our sneakers, so they are still grody, but wearable.

The pink color does not come off your skin right away.



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it did not take long

for the coworker who sits facing me to notice that something was afoot.


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stuff that happened while I slothed on blogging: half-marathon #4

my fourth half-marathon happened two weekends ago.

yes, hello?  four?  that’s right.  four.  in the span of about 15 months, i have done this four times.  on purpose.  voluntarily.

and this time, i took some others down with me.  mwah fucking hah.

the david and i flew to seattle for the rock n roll half marathon to run with my lady friends virginia and alysha, and then alysha slurped in her friends yari and chris.  you see how these thing spiral out of control.  a very slow, plodding out of control.

anyway, i sucked at training for it, as per usual, and was not planning to try very hard.  but ended up staying with virginia for all of 8 miles before i crapped out and told her to take her appropriately trained tuchis to the finish while i moped along, rueing the ridiculous choices i make.

it didn’t rain.

i didn’t die.

i finished in 2:52 which is far from my best, but it’s also not my worst of the four.

and then, sweet baby james, i agreed to and actually signed up for the vegas rock n roll in december, with this same entourage of folks.

please don’t ask me what is the matter with me because i’ll be damned if i know.


bootleg screenshot of me and v holding hands

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stuff that happened while I slothed on blogging: Fat Tuesday

I got a little fed up with my own “I want to lose some weight” whine and joined Weight Watchers.  Yeah, I roll my eyes at the clichedness of it myself.

I really just needed that official weekly weigh-in and accountability.  Everything else about it is kind of fluff.  I know how to eat well and I’m familiar with exercise.  The meetings aren’t teaching me anything I don’t already know in spades, but I do kind of enjoy that self indulgent half an hour block of time to wallow in the woe-is-me-it’s-hard-not-to-eat-french-fries!

I do like tracking food and activities – most of the time.  When I’ve gone out to eat somewhere, the prospect of trying to guess the worth of the meal is just too stupid and I leave it blank.

But so far it’s gone alright.  I lost 6.6 pounds in the first 3 weeks.  And since it’s Fat Tuesday, there’s another weigh in tonight.  I have some concerns about how well that’s going to go.  There was a lot of extra eating this week and a dearth of extra exercising.  The odds may not be in my favor.  But the point is that I will go, I will face whatever the number is, and move on.  And then just do my best to make it a little better next week.

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