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the ups and downs (and flats) of progress


There are a bunch of things that I need to blog about.  But for the moment, I’m taking a moment to share a thought about weight loss.

Here is my a line graph of my weight from the past year.


I’m pretty good at losing weight, when I intend to.

I’m also pretty good at losing track of my intention and gaining it, too.

Lately, things have been going pretty well in that department.  I had that half marathon a few weekends ago, and the training for that (provided one doesn’t use that as permission to face plant into a tub of pub cheese) makes it fairly easy to lose without being overly stringent with diet.

And losing usually begets more losing – for me, anyway – until something happens.

This past week, I had some things happening.  More opportunities for boozing than usual. I took it easy for a few days after the half marathon.  I didn’t get in a long run over the weekend.  We went out for dinner a few times.  It was a good week, with a lot of fun times.  I didn’t do anything I regretted later.  I didn’t make terrible choices.  I just didn’t intend to lose weight.

And I didn’t.

And for the first time that I can remember, it was ok.  I didn’t feel bitter or depressed or unmotivated to continue.  I don’t have to post a loss every week.  And I don’t have to feel badly about it when I don’t.*


*I have not turned into some zen acceptance master overnight. When I say that I didn’t lose any weight at my last weigh-in, I mean that I weighed in at the exact same weight as last week.  Had that shown an actual gain, deserved or otherwise, you might be reading about my petulant pity and pie.


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I mentioned that I was working on my de-fatting process.  (Which I can’t think about without also thinking “Again!”)

But whatever.  Yes, I’m working on it again.  And so far, it’s creeping along.  When I’m sticking to an exercise routine and making an effort to even just halfway think about what I’m eating, it almost seems easy.

6 weeks in and 12.2 pounds lost.  Me being me and the half empty glass and what not, I tend to get a bit bogged down thinking about the 50 other pounds I should lose.  But at least 12 pounds does seem like a something.  More than a blip.

And the little graph actually makes me feel quite nice.  Look at all the down-going!


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stuff that happened while I slothed on blogging: Fat Tuesday

I got a little fed up with my own “I want to lose some weight” whine and joined Weight Watchers.  Yeah, I roll my eyes at the clichedness of it myself.

I really just needed that official weekly weigh-in and accountability.  Everything else about it is kind of fluff.  I know how to eat well and I’m familiar with exercise.  The meetings aren’t teaching me anything I don’t already know in spades, but I do kind of enjoy that self indulgent half an hour block of time to wallow in the woe-is-me-it’s-hard-not-to-eat-french-fries!

I do like tracking food and activities – most of the time.  When I’ve gone out to eat somewhere, the prospect of trying to guess the worth of the meal is just too stupid and I leave it blank.

But so far it’s gone alright.  I lost 6.6 pounds in the first 3 weeks.  And since it’s Fat Tuesday, there’s another weigh in tonight.  I have some concerns about how well that’s going to go.  There was a lot of extra eating this week and a dearth of extra exercising.  The odds may not be in my favor.  But the point is that I will go, I will face whatever the number is, and move on.  And then just do my best to make it a little better next week.

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Fat Tuesday

Woah.  I almost missed my posting window for today.  I have had quite the day of travel, getting from my parents’ house in NJ to JFK for a flight back to San Fran and then home to Oakland.  I did have wireless on the plane and I had grand plans for much bloggery endeavors, but WordPress was farting out on me.  And then I got very busy watching The Walking Dead on my Netflix Instant Queue, which was non-farty (mostly) on the airplane internets.


I’ve been away from home for a week.  I had some grand plans for maintaining a healthy lifestyle on this trip.

  • I checked out the gym at my hotel in the city
  • I packed 4 sets of workout wear
  • I scouted out the locations of the Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s closest to my hotel and planned out some ideas for foods that I could get for breakfasts and lunches
  • I made a big batch of granola bars and packed those up to come along
  • I devised a schedule for working out in the mornings
There was much plotting and anticipating and optimising about how successfully I was going to manage this.
You know what’s coming.
I totally failed.
Working a tradeshow was exhausting.  Then going out afterwards to see friends from high school and college (while totally worth it) was also exhausting.  Getting boozy enough to be hungover in the morning didn’t help.
Then there was the pizza.  My brother wanted me to get pizza, since we don’t have proper pizza in California.  The next day, my dad, who didn’t know that there’d been a sibling pizza the night before, brought home 3 more pies for the same reason.  Meg needs pizza when she comes home to New Jersey!  It’s a royal decree.
And let’s not make it sound like I can pin this on my family, because not a one of them suggested I needed to doggedly pursue pizza connoisseurship with the level of zeal that I did.
Suffice to say, I did not get on the scale this morning.
Maybe next week.  And in the mean time, I think I need an IV of broccoli.
Carry on.

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fat tuesday

Well.  Shrug.

I won’t be quitting my day job to become a weight loss blogger today.

But I got on the scale this morning as planned, so I might as well just tell you.

It was not awesome.  Nor was it terrible.  I lost the mass of a small rodent from my person!
And considering that there was some girl-date drinking (1/2 a bottle of wine and a champagne cocktail), some birthday boy drinking (2 paulaners) and then some more birthday boy drinking last night (2 glasses of rosé), I’m not disappointed at all really.

October 4:  193.0
October 11:  189.6
October 18:  191.4
October 25:  190.8  =  – 0.6 pounds this week

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fat tuesday

One of my biggest blogging pet peeves is weight loss bloggers who don’t lose any weight.

Actually, it’s not the unmoving numbers on the scale that bug me so much.  It’s the purported use of the blog as a source of accountability and support followed by the subsequent bashful admissions of poor eating choices and the gym schedule that never was.  It feels all bait and switch; I want to follow a story.  Stagnation, even if you have tons of excuses for it, ain’t a story.

Which is all a big fat preface to saying that I gained weight in my little weekly weigh-in today and I am feeling really sheepish!

I had some little snarly thoughts about never blogging about weight loss efforts again.  Which isn’t the same as abandoning the efforts, because I’ve still got some purple snow pants to squeeze into.  But maybe it would be better to just not blab about it.  Like any sane person.  Or I will become my own biggest pet peeve.  And that’s too paradoxical for current musing.

Soo… I bequeath myself one more chance.  But, if the scale tells me something dumb again next Tuesday, then I’m just gonna keep that little gem to myself.

Or maybe make Fat Tuesday a once a month occurrence.

Whatever!  We’ll see, shall we?

Right, so.  The dirty details, eh?

October 4:  193.0
October 11:  189.6
October 18:  191.4  +1.8 pounds



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fat tuesday

I am too fat for my snow pants.  Again.

As a lovely example of my contrariness, when everyone else is getting all twitchy about readying their bikini bodies, I’m very busy eating a lot of cheese.  Instead, I get all worried about being winter wear ready for ski season, because of these stupid snow pants.  I refuse to buy new ones.  I will use the ones I have!

This year, I ran a half marathon at the end of March and another at the end of July.  Which seems like something that would encourage thinness, I know.  But I get all tangled and weird, using these herculean physical endeavors as excuses to have treats.  And hamburgers.

And then!  After it’s over?  Oh, THEN!  That dreamy period of sloth we call “recovery.”  You’re supposed to do it.  Take a little break after you do something so taxing!

Me?  A break?

Mmmm.  Yeah.  Ok.  That sounds delightful.  I think I need to make some popcorn to go with this recovering.

So Sir Isaac comes along and he’s all “You’re at rest!  Stay at rest!”

Next thing I know, it’s been a month since I’ve put on my sneakers.

Twice this year, then, I’ve gone through periods of it’s-ok-to-eat-too-much-cause-I’m-in-training followed by I’ll-start-exercising-again-soon-but-right-now-I’m-in-recovery.

Which means that now I’m fat again and I can’t fit into my snow pants again.  (Yeah, this happened last year, too.  Not because of the marathons.  Just because of natural proclivities for fatness.)

All of which is to say that I’m on the wagon again now and have about 20 pounds to lose before Christmas.

Hence, there should be a “fat tuesday” post every week, while I try to regain my former levels of svelte-like chubbitude that mean I will be able to fit into my size Large snow pants.  Because Large is large enough, dag nabbit.

Week 1 -3.4 pounds


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