fat tuesday

One of my biggest blogging pet peeves is weight loss bloggers who don’t lose any weight.

Actually, it’s not the unmoving numbers on the scale that bug me so much.  It’s the purported use of the blog as a source of accountability and support followed by the subsequent bashful admissions of poor eating choices and the gym schedule that never was.  It feels all bait and switch; I want to follow a story.  Stagnation, even if you have tons of excuses for it, ain’t a story.

Which is all a big fat preface to saying that I gained weight in my little weekly weigh-in today and I am feeling really sheepish!

I had some little snarly thoughts about never blogging about weight loss efforts again.  Which isn’t the same as abandoning the efforts, because I’ve still got some purple snow pants to squeeze into.  But maybe it would be better to just not blab about it.  Like any sane person.  Or I will become my own biggest pet peeve.  And that’s too paradoxical for current musing.

Soo… I bequeath myself one more chance.  But, if the scale tells me something dumb again next Tuesday, then I’m just gonna keep that little gem to myself.

Or maybe make Fat Tuesday a once a month occurrence.

Whatever!  We’ll see, shall we?

Right, so.  The dirty details, eh?

October 4:  193.0
October 11:  189.6
October 18:  191.4  +1.8 pounds



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2 responses to “fat tuesday

  1. I don’t consider your blog a “weight-loss” blog, so whatever. I don’t ever weigh (haven’t in years…won’t even let my doctor tell me unless she thinks I need to know for some reason, which she never has), so my blog is def not a weight-loss blog. It’s a blog about nothing. Anyway, whatever you write, I will read. Oh, and I feel kind of the same way about supposed “weight-loss” blogs where the blogger is just always binging. Bingeing. Binge-ing. WordPress doesn’t know how to spell that. I guess if you like the writing and personality then it’s just a blog about nothing, like mine, and not a weigh-loss blog in reality. You read just to follow the journey, wherever it goes. It is annoying when they write like they are trying, but obviously they are not.

    Oh, and I didn’t know the snow pants were purple. Now I definitely want to borrow them to go with my pink ski-jacket.

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