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how to stop being on vacation

I’ve been back from Italy for a week now, but am still desperately clinging to some vacation-y habits.

You know what’s more awesome than not-running?

Big fat nothing, that’s what.  Vacation told me so.

After 2 whole weeks of no running, including 3 entire weekends of no long-runs, I’m super struggling to get back on it.

I’ve got another half marathon in just 3 weeks; I really needed to try and push out something this weekend.  But instead, I decided that the suck was too daunting to bear and I burrowed into bed with my latest young adult fiction overdose and provided cushioning for cats.

And while I haven’t been eating hazelnut gelato every day, I have largely been subsisting on pizza, popcorn and KIND bars.

I got on the scale a few days after I got home and had only gained 2.2 pounds, which I really didn’t feel that angsty about.  I should have been in a great position to just get myself back into my regular habits.  But I reasoned that jet lag was important to get over and that I should just let myself sleep in the morning.  Which I did, until about 4 am, a time that would leave me ample time to get to the gym by the time it opens at 5…. except I was real busy getting over jet lag.  So, um.  I didn’t do that.

And since The David is still in the UK, waiting for his passport to be returned to him after getting his Visa extension, I’m struggling with food prep for one.  It really is so much easier to plan and prepare meals for both us.  When it’s just me, I can’t be bothered and just want to find the quickest, easiest way to not be hungry.  And not one of the takeout places near me offers up an awesome side roast broccoli.

So, whine whine.  Excuse excuse.

I got up this morning and I went for a run.  In my mind, it was going to be 6 miles. It ended up being 4.

Which is about 3.75 more miles than I wanted to do.

But I did it and that’s a start.  I’ll do it again tomorrow.  And the day after that.  (The day after that, I’m going to FitBloggin – which is a whole other story to ponder).  And all of that adds up to the start of just making it a habit.  A horrible, fugly habit.  But if I get through a week or two consistently, then it goes into autopilot zombie mode.

Which is totally my goal:  full on zombie.




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it did not take long

for the coworker who sits facing me to notice that something was afoot.


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We got a kitten!  A teeny tiny little booger!

On Saturday, we went to the mall to go pick up some something or other from the Apple store and there was a shelter bonanza going on.  The cuteness was too much to bear and we decided that a kitty must be ours.

So we picked one, because he was rolling around upside down.

We named him Rocket in the car ride home, because The David wanted a fiesty-boy name and I wanted it to also mean arugula in British, obviously.

He’s 9 weeks old and so tiny that he can’t jump onto the couch.  He’s a very good purrer.  He likes to stick his little snoot into my nose holes, for reasons unknown.

poking out of the box on the car ride home

playing with string!

behold the cuteness!

teeny little cat head

not sitting still for a picture kitty

sacked out

little rocket guy


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old people

Senior adults is currently the fastest growing segment of the world population.  For the first time in history, there are more people aged 65 or older than there are people aged 5 or younger.

And while many seniors have the financial or familial means to care for themselves into their old age, there is still a need to support and to care for those who don’t have those resources.

Certainly, there are many, many different populations of people who need help from those of us who can offer it, and as individuals, we can’t donate time or money to everyone.

Senior support services are often overlooked when it comes to charitable giving.  Possibly in some part because old people aren’t as cute as babies.

Oh really?  These guys are pretty darned cute in my book.

So my little PSA for the day is to urge you to consider a charity that services the elderly when you’re thinking about the kinds of organizations you want to support.  They are always in need of volunteers and donations.

If you’re local to the Bay Area, check out my friends at Curry Senior Center, which provides all kinds of essential services to seniors in the Tenderloin district of SF.  They’re having a 40th anniversary fundraising gala at the Fairmont next Friday, April 27.  Like them on Facebook and get a chance to win two tickets to the gala, or pony up and buy a pair of tickets for $300 – money that will go towards meals, medical care, housing and bingo.

Thanks for reading and I will post something more ridiculous tomorrow.

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what’s a solo, but not single, girl to do?

My valentine is going to be in Argentina this year.  Without me.  That is not a location I anticipate being in on February 14.

After too many years of sad, sad singleton-ness in my days of yore, I like a little Valentine’s hoopty.  Not a lot.  But a nod of gratitude to having, when I am well familiar with the wallowing of have not.

I fear that I might succumb to a small amount of irrational wallowing next Tuesday, despite actually *having* a Valentine, so I’ve cultivated a plan to celebrate solo.

1.  I’m going to light candles around a framed portrait of The David, drink a bottle of wine, and sing Muffin Top.

Just kidding.

1.  Hour long massage and foot reflexology treatment.

2.  St Agur cheese.

3.  Pyjama pants and television programming intended for females aged 18 to 24.

I’m pretty sure that is going to feel like some really good hoopty to me.

Getting a massage pretty much trumps anything, but going to see The Vow by myself with a popcorn companion was a close alternative.

Anything tempting on your agenda?



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valentine’s present for your fella

Who says the fancy lingerie gifting is for women only?

Get your guy a man-panties & tank set!  The orange and green stripes say he’s sporty.  The bulge-y bits say he’s sexy.


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save me from the slugs

11 days off from work.  ELEVEN.  I haven’t had this kind of break since college.

blah blah blah long story; I had the whole time off with no travel plans, no family and no social obligations whatsoever.

I had visions of Biggest-Loser-esque epic workouts to fill my days.  I thought I would clean out and organize the closet-o-despair.  I was going to bake sugar cookies and whole wheat cranberry bread.  And the blog posts!  Oh, the daily posts I was conjuring up!

But it’s turned into a total mollusk slug-out.  Not like sexy escargot slugs.  Like gross, pouring salt all over them on the back steps slugs.

I would gladly accept slugdom if its in exchange for feeling ultra rested and relaxed.  Loafing around in pyjamas for days on end is my utopia.  Except I’ve been staying up absurdly late reading YA novels and playing Tiny Tower on my iPhone and then waking up ass early because I’m ridiculous.

So instead of feeling serene and accomplished, I’m grody.  Like a back porch slug who was beckoned by the golden siren song of or a dish of beer, got drunk, then got salted and had an oozplosian.



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the nadir

it’s winter solstice today.  the shortest day and the longest night of the year.

which feels like it should create a sensation somewhere in the range of gloomy to soul crushing.

and yet.

i just finished my last day of work before eleven days off.

i put the last of my holiday cards in yesterday’s mail.

there are tiny white lights on a tree in my living room.  made all the more magical by the big, long darkness happening outside.

that christmas happens at the same time as the year’s longest, darkest night is part of the reason i think people love it so… it happens when we feel a need to gather around the hearth and huddle in the dark.  we feel safe and protected and cocooned up with the people who mean the most to us.  and even though, sometimes, the people we need are not really close enough to wrap up in our cocoons, the efforts we make to send that intention through cards and gifts and phone calls can feel almost as good.

this day.  this day that i woke and went to sleep to in the dark.  this day has as much darkness as there will ever be. and the beauty of recognizing this low point – that this is as long as the night will get – is knowing that it’s only getting better from here on out.




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my favorite day of the year

couch pyjamas

The Friday after Thanksgiving is a marvelous day.  It has no purpose.  No agenda.  There’s still a whole weekend after that I can push the chores and errands into it.   It’s a day that seems specifically engineered to pay homage to pyjamas and movies on tv.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Thanksgiving is a pretty good day, too.

The David and I ran a 10K Turkey Trot in the morning.  He ran the whole way with me, which I loved.  Thankful doesn’t begin to describe what it feels like to have a person who’ll do that.

My head rationalizes that 6 miles isn’t really that far, but it sure feels like an epic saga while you’re in it.  An hour and fifteen minutes is a big chunk of time!  There was a good amount of trudgery struggledy.  And an unholy number of uphills.  But the recollection of that yuck seems vague and fuzzy now.  What I do remember was the incredible rainbow that we saw for much of the way in between miles 3 and 4.  And I remember the vanilla It’s-it I got at the finish.

Race bling in a tree

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

And then there’s the wonderful gluttonous feasting of Thanksgiving.  Oh the fabulous feasting!

My friends-who-are-family set up a deep fryer in their little backyard every year.  If you’ve never had deep fried turkey before, it’s not like what you get from a bucket at KFC.  Mostly it’s the same as everyone else’s turkey, but it cooks in about half an hour.  And because it cooks so quickly, it tends to be moister than roasted birds.

But it is pretty feckin terrifying to watch.

the turkey goes into a vat of boiling oil

We had a an impressive spread.  The David and I made Smitten Kitchen’s Chard and Sweet Potato Gratin and Thomas Keller’s Creamed Pearl Onions.

plate full of yum

We also made a Pumpkin Panna Cotta with pomegranate seeds for dessert.  I had no idea how easy panna cotta was to make.  Seriously.  It’s like making Jell-o.  I highly recommend trying it out.
The hardest part really was getting the extra ramekins we needed to serve 8 since I’m Maggie and I needed to have the fancy porcelain ones from France.

pretty dessert

And now I’m eating too much popcorn, half way paying attention to movies and deepening the ass divit in my couch.

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weekend in pictures








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