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I’m still ruminating over my recent visit with the fam on the other side of the country, so am purging some ruminating here.

1.  My mother is a fraternal twin.  My brothers are fraternal twins.  Since having fraternal twins is genetic and is passed down through daughters (boys always, um, eject multiple chances for babies.  girls *usually* just release one egg at a time.) I have a high probability of having twins if I ever have kids.

2.  I hate the theme song to NPR’s morning addition.  When we were kids, the radio was always on in the kitchen while we were eating breakfast.  For whatever reason, this was a high anxiety time in our household and I associate that annoying little trumpet tune with Angry-Dad yelling about Bus-Time!

3.  Speaking of breakfast, we were only ever allowed to have Cheerios or Rice Krispies and I’m pretty certain that both are just gross on purpose.  This is probably why breakfast time was so angsty; eating this flavorless cardboard cereal was like medieval torture.  One time, my mother bought us Nerds cereal.  Who knows why.  It was a miracle.  There was much fanfare and heathen dancing to thank our cereal gods.  When the existing box of evil boring Cheerios was finally finished, we knew it was Nerds cereal time the next day.  Except it turns out that one of the brothers had fallen ill.  Pukey little kid ill.  But he could not be deterred and partook in the sweet sugar and red dye with us.  5 minutes later, he went running to the bathroom to have some pukey little kid time, but didn’t make it and ralphed on our hideous, 70’s, gold shag carpet.  There was a big pink stain on that carpet evermore.

Rebecca from Rebecca with an R is the grand master pooba of little facts.  Check out her site to learn more and link in!


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3 responses to “little facts

  1. Haha! Yay for twins! My brothers are identical twins. Oddly enough, my mom’s sister also had identical twins. Weird coincidence seeing as that is not genetic. But my dad’s sisters are fraternal twins. Wonder what my chances are!

    • Wow! Rebecca, you have a ton of twin-fluence! Not that we can choose such things, but I’m curious about what your opinion might be on having twins? As another sister of twins, I definitely have some feelings…

  2. My mom is an identical twin! And I was a mother’s helper for twins when I was in high school. I would rather skip over twins myself, however. Pushing one baby out of my lady parts at a time is enough for me, let alone all the other complications of having two babies/toddlers/kids/teens at once.

    I weirdly love cheerio’s. My mom let us have sugary cereal, but they were always my favorite cereal, especially with bananas. Yum!

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