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little facts


1. There is a 50 pound rope in my dining room right now.  Sometimes I wonder how men and women are really supposed to coexist.

2.  I would rather have potato chips over chocolate any day.

3.  My feet have dreadful callouses.  I generally wear pretty sensible shoes, so I have no idea why they’re like this.  I got a pat down at the airport once and the TSA lady touched the bottom of my feet through my socks and then asked all accusatorially “What you got in there?”  Because I was embarrassed, I said “Oh, those are just my cloven hooves!”  She gets this kinda scary, aggressive tone, “Excuse me?”
“Right.  Sorry.  I have really gross callouses.”

Thanks again, to Rebecca!  She is a face-washing hater; a girl after my own heart.


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So, this is Joey Lawrence these days….

photo from Bauer Griffin

Do you remember when this was Joey?


How about this?

Gimme a Break

I wish he’d bring back the bowl cut.

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little facts


1. I love the magic of numbers. Even numbers are preferable to odd ones. But I really like 27, because that’s 3 cubed and I find a supremely satisfying amount of neato-ness in that.

2. A radio station once repeatedly aired my phone call begging them for concert tickets. As much as they made use of my charming anecdotes, they did not give me the tickets.

3. I tutored one of Carlos Santana’s kids a few years back, but in the initial meetings, I had only been in touch with his wife and didn’t know it was his family. The moment when he came into the room to hand his wife the phone and let her know that she had a call was a pretty fabulous one.

Thanks again, Rebecca!


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little facts

you know that game where you list three things about yourself and everyone else has to guess which one of them is a lie?

well, this game is sort of like that, but no lying.

less of a game then, really, and more of an opportunity to absorb random little snippets about maggie.

this opportunity brought to you by Rebecca, who’s orchestrated a little stampede of little facts.

1.  I am never sure how to answer when people ask where I’m from.  I grew up in Eastern North Carolina, from the age of 4, and lived there until I was 13.  I went to high school and college in rural, western NJ.  And I’ve been here, the SF Bay Area, the longest – almost 12 years now.

2.  I used to work with autistic kids and did one-on-one respite care with this one guy named Danny.  Danny’s family got us both season passes to Six Flags and over the summer, I took him there most weekends.  Because of his disability, we got a go-to-the-front-of-the-line pass and could get on the rides dozens of times in a single day.  Amusement parks will never be as good for me again.

3.  My lip balms always develop a significant curving slope to them.  I do not do this on purpose.  


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the sky is falling

One evening this week, I came home after some post-work socializing to an empty apartment.  This was to be expected, since the david was in Vegas for a work conference.

What was unexpected, though, was the COLOSSAL mess I found in my bathroom.  Chunks of plaster and grit and dirt and dust in piles on top of the toilet and scattered everywhere… in the tub, in the sink, resting on top of the wee pit of space created by the molding on the wall…

I stared at it.  And in retrospect, I wish I could have videotaped myself staring at this mess in the moments in between discovering it and realizing that I should look up.  Where a large chunk of ceiling was missing.

my bathroom ceiling

I did not snap a picture of the mess.  I went into autobot mode and started sweeping it up immediately.  Also, I really had to pee and the potty was buried in an archaeological dig.

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Loved this!  The Learn and Eat videos are pretty great, too!

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dreams that could happen in real life

I had a dream in the wee morning hours today that I was in a class at the gym.  A girl approached me and said “Last class, you totally farted right in my face!”

As I dreamed really really hard trying to conjure a viable response to this, I woke up, glad that I didn’t actually have to come up with something to say.

Hopefully, such a confrontation will never take place, but what would you say to that?


Deny it?

Fart again?

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