It’s been a really low key weekend, just me and my poppet.  We’ve been out to dinner, twice.  We went to visit my friend’s new purse store that she opened just two weeks ago.  I spent an hour trying on snowboard boots and after basically deciding that they all kinda suck, but none as much as the men’s size rental boots I have to get, David bought me a pair.  We saw a movie, Morning Glory, which I liked a lot.  In no small part due, probably, to my enormous girl-crush on Rachel McAdamas, but it was cute and cheering and The David liked it, too.  We planned our food for the week and we went grocerty shopping.  And I went for a run this morning.  I was going to go on my own, but then David said he’d come, too.  I appraised him of my plan, to just run for one whole hour and then off we went.  It was actually really helpful to have him along, since he’s such a better runner.  He helped to keep my speed up and just by being there, I had some accountability to stick to it, and there was no walking whatsoever.  Once it was finished, we’d covered about 5.1 miles.  And I feel pretty alright about that.

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  1. virginia

    i just love your weekendy!!

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