I cut my hair off. Again.


You can’t really tell just how long it’s all hanging back there in this photo, but it was stupidly long.  Enough so that my hair lady chopped off a pony tail to send to Locks of Love.


I am definitely pro-bangs.  I just wonder if I am pro-pseudo-Joan-Jett…

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One response to “I cut my hair off. Again.

  1. My hair is stupid long right now. Definitely enough for locks of love. I am just too lazy to get my hair cut more than once a year or so! Love the bangs. I can’t do bangs very well. First, my hair is super fine and thin, so they look like greasy whispy strands hanging there. Second, I have these cowlicks at the corners of my forehead so the bangs never hang right and sort of go everywhere they shouldn’t. And I’m too low-maintenance to do whatever it would take to make them go the right way. So….long, all one length straight hair that lives in a ponytail most of the time. That’s me.

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