i like my valentine

It’s only Valentine’s #3 for us.  I think spending last year’s with my dad, who was visiting while in town for a trade show, kinda broke the pressure for us.  So now we’re happy to just cruise through it.

I had some <ahem> hairs forcibly removed for the occasion, ’cause it’s nice to show a little effort, right?
We are making a special dinner (Smitten Kitchen’s heart stuffed shells), so I’ll be having a special lunch tomorrow.  We picked out flowers at our grocery shop yesterday.
And I think maybe we’ll try not to turn on the tv at all tonight!  Imagine that!

I’m glad that I have no angst on Valentine’s Day today.  And I’m really glad that my Valentine is such a good one.

And since I’ve got such a great guy and can feel secure in my romantic love department, I’m also really glad that I’ve got so many other people in my life for whom I feel great love.  Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!

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  1. Ahhhhh TMI!!! Just kidding. 😛 Sounds like a nice Valentine’s plan.

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