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I just learned about a year long challenge to send out one card or letter, once a week, starting on October 9, 2011 and ending on October 7, 2012.

October 9 is apparently World Post Day.  Hooray for mail!

It’s also a Sunday, so we can’t actually make use of the post on the actual day of celebration.


Anyway, starting today then!  A Monday and a day in which the postal service is in full swing!

It’s 52 Weeks of Mail!
I like the interwebs as much as the next gal.  But I’ve also got a big love for paper products and ho-boy, do I love mail.  I always participated in those wacky chain letters I’m sure everyone got in our younger days.  I even sent some stranger a new pair of underwear in the mail once because of a chain letter.  I think I even got a few sent to me, as well, but not the 583 pairs I was promised for participating.

I don’t send people panties so much anymore, but I sure do like sending mail.  I’ve got a handy stack of cards at my desk at work (where my job is not related to sending letters in any capacity) just in case I have a correspondence emergency.

handy stack

So, Etsy Greetings Team, I accept your challenge!  I will send mail!

However, I do snort at you ever so politely.  You are a group of people selling cards, issuing a challenge for people to send more cards.  It’s a wee bit self serving, no?

But whatever.  We all must serve the selfs and cards are nice.  Good luck to you and to anyone else who decides to take the challenge, as well!



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