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who’s cuter?

I was a little late getting on the Ryan Gosling train.

When The Notebook came out, I was all about the Rachel McAdams train.  I lurved her.  I mean really.  Is there truly a question about who’s cuter?  Look at her!

Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling

All that vintage-y dress and hair style business just makes my heart go pitter pat.  Scruffy tall dude?  Shrug.

I saw Lars and the Real Girl.  And his relationship with a blow-up doll didn’t exactly make me swoon.

Then, I didn’t really love the character he played in Blue Valentine, even though I found the movie really heart wrenching.

But then I did see that video about Ryan Gosling stopping a fight in the street in NYC.  And that was pretty endearing.

And I heard about how he was the impetus for getting that very cool, unknown song “You and Me” into Blue Valentine.  That song is right up there with vintage-y dresses and hair-dos.

And then.  I saw him in Drive and Crazy Stupid Love this year.  Loved both of them, in different ways, and was schooled on his paradoxical juxtaposition of adorable cuteness and hubba hubba hotness.  So, consider me well and truly on board the train.

Which brings me to today’s point:

Is Ryan Gosling cuter than a puppy?

I have to admit, I think that yes, Ryan Gosling IS cuter than a puppy.

I’m glad that’s settled then.


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