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If you like holiday gifts that make people cry…

I work at Blurb, a software and web company that provides the tools and platform for anyone to be able to make and design a beautiful coffee table style photo book.  Or text book, if you’re novel inclined (I’m looking at you NaNoWriMo people!)

This is not a sponsored post.  I mean, Blurb does pay me and all.  Cause I work here.  But they’re not sponsoring a blog post.


I’m not a Blurb pusher, but I do really like what we do and I would definitely recommend trying it out if you are photographically inclined.  I love the idea that you can get your photos off of your computer and into a book, without all of the hassle of putting together a traditional photo album.

We’re offering a friends and family discount through November 30, so I just wanted to post that for anyone to use if you’d like.  It’s good for 20% off 2 or more books if you enter FORFRIENDS during checkout.

Here’s an example of a book I made with the first year of photos of nephew #1.

And another that’s more of a portfolio style collection of photos.

And since there are so many people more clever and creative than me, there’s a bounty of inspiring books on the Blurb website.



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