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Fat Tuesday

Woah.  I almost missed my posting window for today.  I have had quite the day of travel, getting from my parents’ house in NJ to JFK for a flight back to San Fran and then home to Oakland.  I did have wireless on the plane and I had grand plans for much bloggery endeavors, but WordPress was farting out on me.  And then I got very busy watching The Walking Dead on my Netflix Instant Queue, which was non-farty (mostly) on the airplane internets.


I’ve been away from home for a week.  I had some grand plans for maintaining a healthy lifestyle on this trip.

  • I checked out the gym at my hotel in the city
  • I packed 4 sets of workout wear
  • I scouted out the locations of the Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s closest to my hotel and planned out some ideas for foods that I could get for breakfasts and lunches
  • I made a big batch of granola bars and packed those up to come along
  • I devised a schedule for working out in the mornings
There was much plotting and anticipating and optimising about how successfully I was going to manage this.
You know what’s coming.
I totally failed.
Working a tradeshow was exhausting.  Then going out afterwards to see friends from high school and college (while totally worth it) was also exhausting.  Getting boozy enough to be hungover in the morning didn’t help.
Then there was the pizza.  My brother wanted me to get pizza, since we don’t have proper pizza in California.  The next day, my dad, who didn’t know that there’d been a sibling pizza the night before, brought home 3 more pies for the same reason.  Meg needs pizza when she comes home to New Jersey!  It’s a royal decree.
And let’s not make it sound like I can pin this on my family, because not a one of them suggested I needed to doggedly pursue pizza connoisseurship with the level of zeal that I did.
Suffice to say, I did not get on the scale this morning.
Maybe next week.  And in the mean time, I think I need an IV of broccoli.
Carry on.

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