the sky is falling

One evening this week, I came home after some post-work socializing to an empty apartment.  This was to be expected, since the david was in Vegas for a work conference.

What was unexpected, though, was the COLOSSAL mess I found in my bathroom.  Chunks of plaster and grit and dirt and dust in piles on top of the toilet and scattered everywhere… in the tub, in the sink, resting on top of the wee pit of space created by the molding on the wall…

I stared at it.  And in retrospect, I wish I could have videotaped myself staring at this mess in the moments in between discovering it and realizing that I should look up.  Where a large chunk of ceiling was missing.

my bathroom ceiling

I did not snap a picture of the mess.  I went into autobot mode and started sweeping it up immediately.  Also, I really had to pee and the potty was buried in an archaeological dig.

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