little facts

you know that game where you list three things about yourself and everyone else has to guess which one of them is a lie?

well, this game is sort of like that, but no lying.

less of a game then, really, and more of an opportunity to absorb random little snippets about maggie.

this opportunity brought to you by Rebecca, who’s orchestrated a little stampede of little facts.

1.  I am never sure how to answer when people ask where I’m from.  I grew up in Eastern North Carolina, from the age of 4, and lived there until I was 13.  I went to high school and college in rural, western NJ.  And I’ve been here, the SF Bay Area, the longest – almost 12 years now.

2.  I used to work with autistic kids and did one-on-one respite care with this one guy named Danny.  Danny’s family got us both season passes to Six Flags and over the summer, I took him there most weekends.  Because of his disability, we got a go-to-the-front-of-the-line pass and could get on the rides dozens of times in a single day.  Amusement parks will never be as good for me again.

3.  My lip balms always develop a significant curving slope to them.  I do not do this on purpose.  


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6 responses to “little facts

  1. Holy cow that lip balm thing is crazy! I love it. Haha. Thanks for linking up!

  2. woah! that is a HUGE slope. mine are never that big lol

  3. I make my lipsticks completely flat! I wonder what that says about my personality!

  4. Hi! April from our class today.

    Love these three facts. You can come to Six Flags with us anytime. We get that special “go straight to the front of the line” pass and you are right without it….amusements parks would be painful.

    and my mom’s lipsticks always looked like that when I was a kid. I was always afraid of breaking off the tip. I vowed then to keep my flat and I do!!
    ♥ april

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