little facts


1. There is a 50 pound rope in my dining room right now.  Sometimes I wonder how men and women are really supposed to coexist.

2.  I would rather have potato chips over chocolate any day.

3.  My feet have dreadful callouses.  I generally wear pretty sensible shoes, so I have no idea why they’re like this.  I got a pat down at the airport once and the TSA lady touched the bottom of my feet through my socks and then asked all accusatorially “What you got in there?”  Because I was embarrassed, I said “Oh, those are just my cloven hooves!”  She gets this kinda scary, aggressive tone, “Excuse me?”
“Right.  Sorry.  I have really gross callouses.”

Thanks again, to Rebecca!  She is a face-washing hater; a girl after my own heart.


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12 responses to “little facts

  1. Have you had chocolate dipped potato chips? They are awesome. Why choose one or the other?

  2. Hahaha. That last one is hilarious. And chips over chocolate! You’re crazy.
    Just wanted to let you know that I featured one of your Little Facts from last week today because they are fabulous! Keep em coming!

  3. This made me LAUGH! Ha.

    And don’t mess around with TSA. They are on a power trip fo’ shizzle…kind of like mall security guards.

  4. I had a 350 pound stage piano in my living room, in front of my book shelf (grrr) for two years. I often wonder the same thing.

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