little facts


1. I love the magic of numbers. Even numbers are preferable to odd ones. But I really like 27, because that’s 3 cubed and I find a supremely satisfying amount of neato-ness in that.

2. A radio station once repeatedly aired my phone call begging them for concert tickets. As much as they made use of my charming anecdotes, they did not give me the tickets.

3. I tutored one of Carlos Santana’s kids a few years back, but in the initial meetings, I had only been in touch with his wife and didn’t know it was his family. The moment when he came into the room to hand his wife the phone and let her know that she had a call was a pretty fabulous one.

Thanks again, Rebecca!


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2 responses to “little facts

  1. Hi Margaret! So happy to hear from you! Thoroughly enjoyed the webinar…did you? Been in SF for just over 3 weeks now — love to meet up for coffee sometime to chat!

  2. You tutored Santana’s kids!!?? How awesome! What is not awesome is that the radio station didn’t give you those tickets. Lame!

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