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So, this is Joey Lawrence these days….

photo from Bauer Griffin

Do you remember when this was Joey?


How about this?

Gimme a Break

I wish he’d bring back the bowl cut.

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<tiny earthquake>

<heads pop up from cubicles all over the place.  like meerkats.>


“Was that an earthquake?”

“To the Twitter!”

“Yes!  It was an earthquake!”


“In Berkeley!”

My darling little hipster coworker says “I didn’t feel anything!”

And I say “That’s because your pants are too tight.”

<everyone laughs>

<<he does wear really tight pants>>

“You all could be buried in rubble and on fire.  My pants will protect me,” he pouts.

“Oh honey.  You’ll be on fire, too.  You just won’t feel it.  Cause your pants are too tight.”

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little facts


1. I love the magic of numbers. Even numbers are preferable to odd ones. But I really like 27, because that’s 3 cubed and I find a supremely satisfying amount of neato-ness in that.

2. A radio station once repeatedly aired my phone call begging them for concert tickets. As much as they made use of my charming anecdotes, they did not give me the tickets.

3. I tutored one of Carlos Santana’s kids a few years back, but in the initial meetings, I had only been in touch with his wife and didn’t know it was his family. The moment when he came into the room to hand his wife the phone and let her know that she had a call was a pretty fabulous one.

Thanks again, Rebecca!


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working for free

I just finished an eight month long branding and messaging project last night.  My team gave a presentation of all of the deliverables to the board; they gave us three cheers and some hearty handshakes, and off we went.  The client had already started using some of the messaging, even before this final sign-off from the board, so I feel pretty good about the reception of our work.

My team was comprised of two talented marketing visionaries, a copywriter, and me, the project manager.

We did market research on the organization’s competitors, we gathered existing data about the organization’s current branding – or lack thereof, and we spent a lot of time consulting with the client time to really nail down what it was they wanted and why.

Having this new and consistent branding means that client will be better able to leverage themselves for increased funding and will, generally, have greater visibility.

All pretty standard hum drum, really.  Except we were all working for free.

I volunteer for The Taproot Foundation, this amazing nonprofit that provides service grants to other outstanding nonprofits in need.  You can apply for a grant to improve your brand, like the project I just finished, or you can get a website redesign, or a strategic staff development plan, or any number of several other options.  Working with Taproot means that a nonprofit can get help with the kinds of essential strategy and work needed to be successful, without having the resources to complete that work themselves.

I used to volunteer to do things like stuffing envelopes or giving directions at events.  Always for a worthy cause, but the 3 hours of minimum wage level work donated felt unsatisfactory.  They weren’t getting a whole lot out of value out of me and I wasn’t really being fulfilled by the experience.

I started volunteering at Taproot 2 years ago as a way to bolster my resume, but now feel like it really is the best way to do volunteer work.  They run projects in SF, LA, NY, Chicago and Washington; if you’re local to one of those areas, I’d highly recommend that you check Taproot out.


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what would stacy and clinton say?

Some days I can’t get dressed more creatively than jeans and a band tshirt.

And then there are days when I decide that the best thing to pair with pattern is more pattern!  And stripes!

It’s all various vintages of Anthropologie.  Except the Crocs.  Those are from Crocs.

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fat tuesday

One of my biggest blogging pet peeves is weight loss bloggers who don’t lose any weight.

Actually, it’s not the unmoving numbers on the scale that bug me so much.  It’s the purported use of the blog as a source of accountability and support followed by the subsequent bashful admissions of poor eating choices and the gym schedule that never was.  It feels all bait and switch; I want to follow a story.  Stagnation, even if you have tons of excuses for it, ain’t a story.

Which is all a big fat preface to saying that I gained weight in my little weekly weigh-in today and I am feeling really sheepish!

I had some little snarly thoughts about never blogging about weight loss efforts again.  Which isn’t the same as abandoning the efforts, because I’ve still got some purple snow pants to squeeze into.  But maybe it would be better to just not blab about it.  Like any sane person.  Or I will become my own biggest pet peeve.  And that’s too paradoxical for current musing.

Soo… I bequeath myself one more chance.  But, if the scale tells me something dumb again next Tuesday, then I’m just gonna keep that little gem to myself.

Or maybe make Fat Tuesday a once a month occurrence.

Whatever!  We’ll see, shall we?

Right, so.  The dirty details, eh?

October 4:  193.0
October 11:  189.6
October 18:  191.4  +1.8 pounds



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he fell into a vat of boiling sugar

When we went to England at the beginning of September, one of the several stops we made was a visit to Gran, a little old lady and The David’s only living grandparent.

We went to dinner with Gran, who had fish and chips.  She described the fish as “snowy white.”  Twice.

Then she made some reference to the war.

And like the awesome American that I am, I said “What war?”

<eye roll at myself from the future>

So then Gran starts to tell me all about how the homes of some of her aunts and uncles had been bombed, so they were all living together in her house.  One of her cousins slept underneath his mom and dad’s bed.  *But why underneath?  Was there no other floor space for him elsewhere in the room?*

She told us about the poor, poor Irish people, like the Kennedys who lived in what sounded like a one room shack attached to the back of their house.  They were Catholic, Gran was careful to point out, and they had 5 children.  Some days, Mrs Kennedy would come around asking if they could spare an egg for Mr Kennedy’s tea.

If that wasn’t pitiful enough – this family of 7, without enough money to keep everyone fed – she told us that Mr Kennedy fell into a vat of boiling sugar at work and she never saw any of them again.


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weekend in pictures

It’s finally the good time of year here in the Bay Area. All golden glowy light and intense blue skies. Enjoying it so much!







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the pursuit of capital r

Right.  So, I’m critical.

I don’t congratulate myself for simple acts of completion.  I don’t take compliments especially well.

I have ideas about what’s good and if that vision isn’t met, well… then, it’s non-good.

So I don’t call myself a Runner.  Just like I don’t call myself a Photographer.  Or a Writer.

I don’t have an exact definition for what it would take to be a Runner, but I feel like I’ll know it, if and when it happens.

Now, I know there are people out there who feel very empowered by calling themselves Runners.  And I get that.  I know there aren’t international standards for Running, except that it’s called “walking” if one foot is always touching the ground.  Which, technically, might mean that’s what I’m doing when I’m “running.”

Anyway.  Yeah.  Some people are all “I”m a Runner!” even though they’re trotting along at 15 minutes per mile.  Fine for you.
But I’ve just got a touch too much Asperger’s in my genetic code.  I can’t say it if I don’t fully believe it to be true.

The thing is, I really want to be a Runner.  In spite of how much I disenjoy the act, I just really want it.

I did two half marathons this year, a 10K and some 5Ks in the pursuit of this wanting.  I have had little improvements here and there, but not enough that I feel properly accomplished, and man alive, I’m just so frickin slow.

So I have a new plan.  In fact, it’s an old plan that I have already followed and completed, so I know that it is doable.

I’m redoing the Couch to 5K plan.  C25k, as the cool kids call it, is a training plan that involves little intervals of running with walking and is intended to take people from doing no exercise at all to being able to run or jog for 30 minutes straight.

But since I can definitely already keep up a steady state of gentle, harrowing plodding for well over an hour, this time I’m not just going to try to *survive* Couch to 5k.  I’m going to gnash it up into little bits of glitter and lightning.

I just finished Week 1 this morning, and did all of my one-minute intervals at sub 8 minute miling.  It wasn’t all out sprinting, but it felt pretty fast.  As the intervals get longer and longer, I expect I won’t be able to keep the pace up that high, but I’m hoping that the process will still have forced me into speeding up overall.  And then, I have secret magical beliefs that I will be able to complete a 5k in less than 30 minutes.

Who knows.  Maybe the snark monster will still be snarling if I finish in 29 minutes and 59 seconds.  But at the moment, I have having some very pleasing visions of gazelle-like glory…


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does this sumo costume make me look fat?

the interwebs are abuzz with all things halloween.  and pumpkin.  holy toledo, the pumpkin!

and since it’s only right and proper to jump on one band wagon at a time, today I’m going to have thoughts about halloween costumes.

i don’t really do the sexy costume thing.  i blame all my wobbly bits, which i’m not willing to put on parade.  not even for the fear factor of it all.

but i have a whole lotta liking for the idea of a costume that totally exposes faux wobbly bits.



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